I am photographer and intermedia artist. My work expands between digital photography and intermedia installation. In my work I am interested in the intersection of arts and technology, combining traditional and new media.


My most recent work in photography focuses on work with digital media, expanding on the use of more traditional, analog based work. The tools I use in my work force and inform my esthetics. My images are partially a result of the devices I use in creating them.  I started taking photographs with analog camera and developing film, later I was fascinated with pinhole photography and hand coating paper with chemicals to create truly one of a kind images, recently I begun to explore digital tools in generating digitally manipulated images. 


My work is informed by many components, both conscious and subconscious. The conscious components that I see in my work are the type of tools I use and the technique I employ to achieve the desired effect.  With digital tools I can manipulate the landscape to create a distinct point of view using digital hardware and software. There are also unconscious decisions that show up in my work that I may not immediately recognize and effect. They will become obvious as I step back and look with some space on the body of work. My subject matter often changes based on interests related to my personal circumstance.  Early I was interested in figurative work and self-portrait, followed by constructed, somewhat mechanical installation. Recently I have found interest in landscape imagery.  My work allows me to explore new life situations and learn from them. As an immigrant I am constantly moving and relocating, photographing landscape allows me to connect with a specific place through careful observation and forging my intimate view of it. 


In my circular landscape photographs I am manipulating succession of images to create intimate, unified view of a scene. In my opinion they are like worlds on to them selves, secluded and removed floating in space.  They are mapped collection of individual images that have been digitally stitched and merged together and then manipulated to create distinct point of view often from angle that is impossible though traditional methods. It is unrealistic to look and see landscape in this way, but in the digital world we can view our environment though ways we would not see by any other means. 

This is series of images, exploring the potential of a simple design elements to become complex images through various digital manipulation and processes. These studies explore the potential of digital tools to generatively create abstract compositions, starting from simple shape to complex objects. In my work I am often interested  in the potential of specific media to expressively generate content based on its unique abilities and tools. Just as modernist painters were able to use paint in its pure form to expressively create nonrepresentational pairings, digital media has its own unique esthetics and ability to create composition without reference to specific object or subject. In this work I am starting with no particular image, creating all the forms purely by applying and modifying the elements I can create in the computer environment.  The final images reflect process oriented approach, and by repetition and variation to this process with open ended outcomes. The final images are result of process that uses the computer as a tool, means, subject, object and inspiration.  

I have been working on this image last year, but finally got to put it on my blog. It is a digital collage of images taken at the Observatory installation at Black Rock City Burning Man 2015. 

The multiple exposure in these images allowed me to create the illusions of my self interacting with my self. Using pinhole camera I was able to stage and pose my self for several minutes to take an exposure and repeat this process again, thus creating multiples of my self in one image. The work has overall melodramatic feeling representing the theatrical character of the images, playing varies roles, engaging in intro-personal game with my self. 

Using pinhole camera is a great tool to explore early photographic technology creating multiple images. Even though digital technology is able to make the process easier,  the process using this "early" technology was important getting the archaic feeling. For me technology is a tool to make expressive work be it the newest digital tool or its predecessor, pinhole camera. 

Dimensions and Media: Variable; from 12"X12" printed as Gum dichromate print on watercolor paper 
 36"x36" printed on traditional albumen coated paper and 24"x24" as digital print.  

Video Interpersonal Reality Emitter (VIRE) is a multimedia installation with sound and video. VIRE expresses our disconnect from physical reality and individual person to person communication for one that is digitally mediated. The four screens of the installation are facing each other, displaying a web chat conversation between  four individuals. The monitors in the gallery are connected to motion sensors that are triggered by gallery visitors. Each screen is connected to one motion sensor. The conversations between people in the chat room can be seen only if a viewer in the room triggers one of the motion sensors. How ever the person who is triggering the sensor can not see the conversation because the screen is facing away from the sensor. To see and hear the conversations at least 2 people have to be in the gallery, triggering the motion sensors so they can see the conversations.  To see the entire conversation between all 4 individuals   4 people have to be in the gallery space. 

This installation demonstrates personal interdependency that can happen only in real time and real space between individuals. One individual in the gallery can to see the the installation without another individual in the same space. 

Dimensions: Variable 

Material: tar, rubber, gold leaf, 

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